Frequently asked questions

What is Bannermen®

A modern take on the classical RTS genre made for the future of gaming!
Bannermen® is a PC Steam game that will release this winter.

Servers & Matchmaking

Global matchmaking with regional servers in: Europe, North America and Asia.
Matchmaking will pair you with an equally skilled player along with a global and regional ladder rank.


Bannermen® is a multilingual game.
We aim to offer translations in; English, French (Français), German (Deutsche), Polish (Polski), Russian (Россия), Simplified Chinese (汉语) and Spanish (Español)
More may come!

Content & Sharing policy

We love talented creators doing great content on Bannermen®
Therefore put no restrictions on streaming gameplay, making videos or writing articles about our game. Feel free to use our media kit to further enhance your content.
If you do cover us, please let us know and we might give you a shoutout!

Play testing

Become a hero, a LEGEND... uhm ... a play tester!
Want to share your thoughts and help make an awesome game?
Becoming a play tester is easy, join our Discord and get envolved!

System requirements

A PC running Windows 7-10, hardware specifications not yet measured.
A third-party extensive analysis will decide our hardware requirments and will be made public before release.

Where to buy

The game is not yet released, but you may wishlist it on Steam!
If you are eager to play, you can sign up for our Beta and Alpha by becoming a play tester.

Got another question?

We know there are more questions in this world. Thankfully our Discord is a great place for getting those answered too!