Now you can send emoticons through the chat and bind it to your desired key. As of now you might have to reset your options for the new keybind to work.

We have chosen to give a slight nerf to Lord Berrian and made Lord Karthor's ultimate ability a little easier to cast. Tell us what you think of these changes, please.

- Fixed MMR not being updated.
- We now support names with special characters.
- Fixed crash report window from opening when exiting the game.

- Added emoticons to chat (write :bm: for example). All emoticons from Bannermen’s Discord except froggy is available.
- Added a keybinding (default Y) for chat. Reset your options before binding it.
- Fixed translations on tutorial map.
- Made Vanya contribute more to winning on the Fall of a Traitor mission.


- Lord Berrian, Grand Slam (R), range decreased, 600 -> 500
- Lord Karthor, Demonic Roar (R), attack range increased, 650 -> 800
- Lord Karthor, Demonic Roar (R), cast time reduced, 1 000 -> 800